Divine Grace: Exquisite 6.5-Inch Brass Ganga Mata Idol

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Invoke the blessings of the sacred Ganga with this exquisite 6.5-inch Brass Ganga Mata Idol. Meticulously crafted, this idol embodies the purity and grace of Goddess Ganga. Perfect for home altars, meditation spaces, or as a heartfelt gift, this piece adds a touch of spiritual elegance to any environment.

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Invite the divine presence of Goddess Ganga into your home with this beautiful 6.5-inch Brass Ganga Mata Idol. Expertly crafted from high-quality brass, this idol captures the serene and graceful essence of Ganga Mata, the revered goddess of the holy Ganges River. Known for her purifying and life-giving powers, Ganga Mata is a symbol of purity, compassion, and divine grace.

The idol features intricate detailing that highlights the goddess’s flowing robes and tranquil expression, showcasing the artistry and dedication of the craftsmen. This 6.5-inch idol is a perfect size for home altars, meditation corners, or as a centerpiece in your living space, bringing a sense of peace and sanctity to your surroundings.

In addition to its spiritual significance, this Brass Ganga Mata Idol makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for loved ones, especially during religious festivals and special occasions. It serves as a constant reminder of the divine blessings and the timeless beauty of Indian spiritual traditions.

Embrace the divine grace and purity of this Brass Ganga Mata Idol, and let it inspire a deeper connection to your spiritual practices and daily life.


Height- 6.5 Inches

Width- 4 Inches

Length – 9 Inches

Weight 2.200 kg
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 20 cm


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Divine Grace: Exquisite 6.5-Inch Brass Ganga Mata Idol
Original price was: $71.99.Current price is: $47.99.