Manipur must focus on exporting handicrafts and looms: Union minister

On August 23, Union Minister of State for Textiles Darshana Vikram Jardosh said Manipur should focus on large-scale production of handicrafts and handicrafts so that the products can be exported outside the country. ‘State.

The Union Minister, who arrived in Imphal on August 22 for a three-day visit to the state, on August 23 inaugurated an exhibition of looms and handicrafts at the convention center in the city of Imphal.

She also launched an awareness campaign under the National Loom and Handicrafts Development Program at the same location.

Addressing the occasion, the minister said that the products of hand weaving and handicrafts are very popular not only in other states of the country but also in other countries.

Manipur ranks fourth in terms of number of looms in the country. It has over 2.8 lakhs of looms comprising of flying shuttle, throwing shuttle and looms with a weaver population of over 4.62 lakhs which is the 2nd position among the states, according to the last national census of looms.

“Manipur should focus on improving the production perimeter. This will not only increase the incomes of weavers and artisans, but also job creation,” she said.

“The state can focus on exporting the three handicrafts that had already obtained the IG tags as these products have a high demand outside the state,” the Union Minister also said.

“The scale of production can be increased by using modern machinery and techniques. Weavers can enjoy the benefits of purchasing machinery and equipment at low cost through the various programs implemented by the central government,” she added.

Darshana then informed that the Center’s “one district, one product” was launched with a market expansion target for weavers and artisans in different parts of the country and a target for exports.

Weavers and artisans in Manipur are expected to avail the benefits of the various schemes of this project to expand the scope of production, she said.

The designs and workmanship of the handlooms produced by the state weavers are of excellent quality and will be appreciated by customers across the country and other parts of the world, she added.

She then urged the weavers and artisans to avail the benefits of these government programs and schemes to expand their reach and further improve their products to promote them on a wider platform.

Brenda J. Honeycutt